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Telescopic Crane│KS2605

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Telescopic Crane│KS2605

Advanced technologies in working height, working radius and lifting capacity are applied to the cranes.

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Truck for Mounting

Over 11 ton Payload

Max. Lifting Capacity

26,000 kg*m

Lifting Capacity

10,000 kg / 2.6 m

4,700 kg / 5.5 m

1,300 kg / 12.8 m

600 kg / 20.3 m

Max. Working Radius

20.3(24.9) m

Max. Lifting Height

22.07(27.2) m

Rated Pressure

210 kg/cm²

Boom Type / Section

Hexagonal / 5 Stages

Boom Extending Speed

14.37 m / 37 sec

Swing Angel

360° Continuous

Since its foundation in 1980, Kanglim has produced cranes and special purpose vehicles for domestic and overseas markets using state-of-the-art hydraulic technology.

Especially Kanglim has continuously developed a complete quality products such as truck-mounted cranes, special-purpose vehicles for electric works, fire trucks, rescue trucks, garbage compactors, water cannon and APC, etc.

As well, by sharing Kanglim's experience and technology of 30-year Know-how in Research and Development with companies in overseas, Kanglim has been requested to become an international enterprise. The achievement of Kanglim's dedication to the 'environment-friendly customer satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology' made Kanglim receive Awards of Industrial Medal of Honor, The Royal Swedish Order of the Polar Star and Presidential Citation from home and abroad.

The emphasis on new technology and on the continued expansion to the fields of the equipments relating to environment, transportation, security and construction will lead Kanglim to offer more contribution as well as to become a highly innovative global enterprise.